The Fortress 5 is specially designed to go over the roof of your home or building to help protect the shingles and tiles and the uplift and vortex from high winds trying to destroy the roof structure. The harness forms a continuous load path from the roof to the ground to also help stop sheathing to the roof.

The harness also covers the windows and doors to help stop debris from entering the home. The Fortress 5 is a flexible wind abatement fabric that has been approved and tested. The fabric is transparent so the panels maintain outside visibility.

This website will show you how to protect your home and building from hurricane winds and provide technical measures to help the homeowner understand how to protect the home and building from high winds.

The uplift loads on a roof can be 10 to 15 times greater than the weight of the roof.

You must secure the roof from uplift winds so the weight of the roof becomes greater than the uplift forces caused by the hurricane winds, and the Fortress 5 will do just that: Secure the roof.

Roof sheathing will produce a gaping hole and increases the amount of interior damage to the home.

Damage to the roof will lead to severe water damage and can lead to significant mold problems.

Protecting the windows and doors from wind-borne debris is very important in protecting your home. If a large window or door is broken and is facing the wind, the uplift forces on your roof may be doubled and it is likely that your roof will be blown off so protect all openings.

When high winds roll over the edge of a building, it creates a vortex or suction that is most intense at the corners of the building.

Winds don’t just apply uplift forces to the roof, they also create pressures that push and pull on all exposed surfaces of the house. The winds try to lift the building up, tip it over, and push it sideways.

Two forces are needed to blow a roof off: negative and positive pressure. It is important to protect all openings. There is enough pressure being applied to the outside of the home, trying to tear it apart, without the added “help” from wind pressure from inside.

The roof is the most critical part of the home or building. You must protect the roof structure to save the home. Also, water damage can lead to mold damage and at that point the home is unlivable.

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